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    We are delighted you have joined us ! Your contribution is essential to ensure our continued success and development. We hope that your career here will be a gratifying one. You would get maximum support from the whole of our team, and we look forward to having the best relations with you. Thank you for registering with Market Seller. It is a pleasure to have you connected with us.

About Us

M/s E-Commerce Market Seller has been Functioning strongly in the ecommerce platform and drop-ship the products individuals to turn into entrepreneurs, and their journey endures. We do the individual's listing in the eshop account as per the individual's budget. We acquire more than Ten Lakh products that we identify to your e-shop as per the needs.

E-Commerce Market Seller's Director has been uniquely handling the firm from the last six years.He has maintained a positive attitude and a valuable relationship with the seller associated with the teamand us. Products are packed leadership of Market Seller Experts, and few are derived from third-party distributors.

E-Commerce Market Seller is a rapidly expanding organization and acquired Warehouses in India's extensive cities like Mumbai, Noida, Chandigarh, and Gurugram, Delhi.We now have a strategy to broaden our business in other regions such as Aurangabad, Gaya, Varanasi, Vadodara, Kollam, Trivandrum, Luckno, Chennai etc.

What we do?

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.



Directly sourcing from the manufacturers globally, you can be rest assured to be able to save up to 8o7. off retail prices.Our Supplier Are Having Experince Of More Than 6 Year In This Feild. Which make Us More Technical Sound.

Market Seller is a dedicated supplier who offers high quality products with reasonable prices. We provide both wholesale and drop shipping services to ensure your business will be taken care of. Dropshipzone is constantly praised for our strong technical support, easy operation and wide product range. We dedicate to provide comprehensive service to help you set up and grow your business.

Market Seller sources the finest product with the lowest price.Operating multiple warehousing facilities with an extensive range of products, we use an advanced warehousing system to ensure all orders are processed efficiently to compete in the fast-paced e-commerce environment. You can also enjoy the excellent after-sales service from our customer service team to answer all your inquiries.

The Right Supplier Gives You An Edge. We Find It For You.


We take care of all warehousing, picking, pacaking and shipping of the order directly to your customer. Our cutting-edge warehouse management system delivers high accuracy and maximum efficiency to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied.

Bringing accuracy to inventory management

It’s crucial to reduce error rates when you are scaling a business. ensure that every shipment from the supplier is counted and verified, before it is stored safely in the warehouse.

Make smart packaging choice

The right packaging material not only keeps your product safein transit, but also translates into reduced shipping costs. E-commerce Market Seller India chooses the best option every time.

Pick, pack & ship

E-Commerce Market Seller India verifies and scans every shipment before it is picked, packed and shipped. We hate it as much as the customer does, when they receive on incorrect product. We strive to avoid these instances.

You Sell, We Ship.




How will E-Commerce Market Seller File return?

There Can be two types of E-Commerce Market Sellers: E-Commerce Opereator/marketplace (e.g. Flipkart , Amazon etc.) : It is an entity which owns, operators or manages digital or electronic facility or platform for E-Commerce Market Seller India. Suppliers on E-Commerce platform : It is an entity which supplies goods or services on an E-Commerce Market Seller India Platform.

Steps for filing GST return for E-commerce sellers:

Monthly Details of outward sales by seller in FORM GSTR-1 by the 10th of next month. Monthly Details of purchase made by seller in FORM GSTR-2 by the 15th of next month. Monthly Filing of return along with the payment of amount of tax in FORM GSTR-3 by the 20th of next month. Monthly Filing of GST return of E-commerce operator in FORM GSTR-8 by the 10th of next month. Annual Filing of Return in FORM GSTR-g by 31st December of next financial year.


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